Blue LED Light

First of all what is LED light? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which sounds pretty cool. The technical bit is that the LED light is a semiconductor, which converts electricity to light using the movement of electrons! That sounds very high tech and modern yet LED lights were invented way back in the 1920’s. LED lights have only really just been commercially manufactured in such quantities very recently and they are now incorporated in light bars used on many emergency vehicles. So why use a ? The main reason for choosing blue is that the old single strobe light we used to see was blue and highly recognizable.

blue led light 1

Naturally, LED lights come in a variety of different colours, but the will appear in most lightbars. The s are commonly used by police to stop or pull over a vehicle, but you will also see the blue light on many other emergency vehicles. is also seen in many emergency lighting systems in buildings and homes. The colour blue whilst not signifying huge danger can alert and warn that you need to leave a building. Emergency lighting systems in buildings often use s embedded into the floor to guide people safely to an emergency exit.

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Whatever the reason, a is also extremely popular as a decorative light. The festive season will see a huge array of different LED lights on trees, in windows and adorning buildings. The blue colour gives high visibility and therefore high effect for decorative lighting, which is why it is so popular. A tree festooned with strings will look stunning and draw attention to your other decorations. Red light always tends to signify danger and is less popular in decorative LED light displays. The icy always looks cool and very bright in all light conditions.

bars on vehicles will not have just the blue light, but a combination of colours depending on the area of work. Construction and municipal vehicles will tend to have amber lighting but will also have some blue to act as warning. We have all seen the episodes of CSI on TV where they get out the ‘blue light’ to highlight blood that has been cleaned up, and that is just one other useful application of . It isn’t just in the USA that the has become popular, vehicles across the world use s.

Another area where you will see used extensively is in the electronics industry. The full spectrum of electronic devices from laptops and PC accessories to mobile phones and games consoles all use to great effect. The blue of the LED is one of the most noticeable of all of the LED light colours. Whatever application the is used for it is very visible, whether drawing attention to a vehicle or a flashing light on your phone, blue is the colour that will be most seen.

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