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Most consumers take the word of a company at face value and do very little research of their own to verify the claims of a manufacturer.  For example, if you visit the better business bureau website and look up Advanced LED Lights, you will see that they are owned by “Market Smart” who is not accredited by the better business bureau at all.  A bit of further research leads you to discover that Market Smart has been in the business of selling cat and dog furniture via and since 2004, but saw an opportunity to make some quick money with LED Grow Lights in 2010 and decided to changed their marketing strategy.  A bit of further digging via a “Who Is” report shows that Advanced LED’s website wasn’t created until February 18, 2010, only 3.5 years ago, despite the company stating they have 6 years of experience in LED Grow Lights.

The sad truth is that many consumers overlook these details and instead buy into the lies.  If you look above on the screen shot of the Advanced website, under #10 it states “We don’t lie.  We tell the truth and we back it up with our guarantee”.  Why would a company make such a claim unless they are insecure that people will find out about their lies?  It is very easy for anyone to discover that Advanced has been in existence for only 3.5 years and began selling generic 11-band lights from China since their inception.  It is also easy to see that the company is not accredited by the better business bureau (something to make consumers feel more comfortable about doing business with Advanced) despite their claim to be.  With it being so easy to discover Advanced’s lies, why would they state multiple times on their site that they’re an honest company?  It’s simple – they want you to take their word for it.  If you’ll believe they don’t lie, then you’re more likely to trust whatever they tell you over the phone and buy a light.  But should you?


Let’s go a little deeper with this analysis and take a look again at the images above.  Advanced states they use all 3W/3Chip LEDs, 3W USA brand LEDs and Massive 3W and 10W Cree LEDs.  So which one is it?  The truth is that Cree produces a very limited spectral variety for LED Grow Lights, and thus if Advanced is indeed using any Cree LEDs it is likely limited to one color, despite leading consumers to believe they use all Cree.  When you research the 11 wavelengths used by Advanced LED and compare this to the USA-based LED manufacturers, you come to realize that it is impossible for Advanced to use 100% USA-made LEDs.  As you dig a little deeper you will discover that 3W/3Chip LEDs are nothing more than 3 x 1W chips under a single lens, which are up to 20% less efficient (lower quality) than a true 3W single-chip LED!  It seems the more you dig, the quicker you realize that while Advanced LED makes some nice claims on their site, the legitimacy behind their claims is questionable at best.

By now I’m sure the speculation on this subject has you in a state of suspense, but it’s ok because Advanced has the “Latest LED Grow Lights with proven results” and “11 wavelengths with a proven color recipe.”  So let’s take a look at these proven results and Advanced’s proven color recipe in an independent LED Grow Light Review of Advanced LED, performed by a Canadian high school teacher and his students on beefsteak tomatoes..

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